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Add Your Own Nomination Here... Eric Schmidt? Bill Joy? Steve Ballmer? Bruce Schneier? Ray Kurzweil? Richard Stallman? Vint Cerf? Mitch Kapor? Tom Perkins? As former IAC executive Julius Genachowski was appointed last week to President Elect Obama's transition team, speculation is growing as to the possibility that Genachowski or someone like him may one day soon become the country's first Chief Technology Officer. Barack Obama's transition team also includes Sonal Shah of and Donald Gips, VP of corporate strategy and development for Level 3 Communications. The notion of a CTO was first raised in Obama's Tech and Innovation Plan, produced by a group that was chaired by Genachowski. In his Presidential announcement speech in Springfield, IL, back in 2007, Obama said: "Let us be the generation that reshapes our economy to compete in the digital age. Let's se... (more)

What Does Obama Revolution Mean to Cloud Computing?

The "CloudAve" Blog The technology blueprint of President Elect Barack Obama, if implemented as promised, bodes well for the future of Cloud Computing. Let me consider some of the Barack Obama's Technology proposals and explain how it is relevant to the success of Cloud Computing. His proposals include Protecting the openness of Internet: In other words, supporting net neutrality. This is crucial for innovation in the field of Cloud Computing and it is also very important for ensuring vendor diversity. In the absence of net neutrality, big vendors can easily crush smaller players and establish monopoly in the Cloud Computing marketplace including the SaaS marketplace. Safeguarding our right to Privacy: One of the biggest concerns for consumers and businesses when it comes to Cloud Computing is the issue of Privacy. They are worried that their data will not be safe in the... (more)

NPR Asks: Will Cloud Computing Work in the White House?

"The Internet IS cloud computing," according to a holiday-time broadcast on National Public Radio. The program, called 'Will Cloud Computing Work in the White House' aired December 21 on NPR's All Things Considered and involved NPR's Andrea Seabrook discussing with security and technology experts how the White House computers should run under incoming President Barack Obama. The program focused on how cloud computing technology can potentially be used to improve government services - a much discussed topic as the new administration moves into the White House. Experts consulted included Google's Vint Cerf (a.k.a.'The Father of the Internet') and Dataline's expert on Cloud Computing Security, Kevin Jackson. Jackson discussed how cloud computing can make data and computing more secure than traditional systems. Cloud computing would also improve collaboration, an area that... (more)

The Shape of Cloud Computing To Come

As new offerings like Amazon's CloudFront, Microsoft's Azure,'s CloudNine and VMware's vCloud are rolled out week in, week out, the worldwide cloud computing momentum continues to grow. Amid all the change, I asked some leading infrastructure experts, IT industry executives and technology commentators for their views on The Shape of Cloud Computing To Come. Contributors include's Peter Coffee, Geve Perry of GigaSpaces, Ben Rushlo from Keynote Systems, Cloud Computing Journal editor-in-chief Alan Williamson, Enomaly founder Reuven Cohen, open source entrepreneur Krishnan Subramanian and Markus Klems of the FZI Research Center for Information Technology in Germany. PETER COFFEE Director, Platform Research - Peter Coffee was Technology Editor for industry journals PC Week and eWEEK from 1989 through 2007, after spending the prior... (more)

Chase CEO Dimon on CNBC Kinda Implies That He Has Been a Great CEO

Chase CEO Dimon said on Wednesday during his talk which was brodacst live on CNBC that there is no silver bullett to save the housing mess. He says Obama's home loan modification program is appropriate and proper. He says only if everybody works together we can get out of this mess. Press says he is th emost honest and smart bank CEO in this disaster. ... (more)

Google News - XBRL: Free the Data: eGov and Open Standards - CMSWire

Free the Data: eGov and Open Standards CMSWire, CA One can only hope that one of Kundra’s first recommendations includes leveraging what has become the de facto global financial reporting open standard — XBRL — to tag and track the billions of Recovery Act dollars. The Obama Administration has ... ... (more)

Social Networking Tools Stimulate Government Operational Efficiency and Transparency

The creative use of social networking tools, which offer rich media sharing, integrated communications, and information exposure, are helping to stimulate government operational efficiency and transparency, according to leading independent research and advisory firm, Government Insights, an IDC company. The new Government Insights research report, Social Networking and Takin' Care of Business Every Way (Doc #GI215803) reveals that social networking applications have established a foothold in private enterprises and the public sector alike. A recent IDC survey found that more than 15% of government/education responders worldwide are posting to blogs or wikis and/or participating in social networking to conduct business. While less pervasive than some private industries, governments are increasingly adopting Web 2.0 applications to respond to transparency mandates and... (more)

The Promise and Peril of the White House Open Government Directive

Aneesh Chopra and Vivek Kundra discuss the Open Gov Initiative One of the great resources for tracking trends in Open Government, Gov2.0 and related activities is, a site I recommend all visit and bookmark and track.  GovFresh founder Luke Fretwell can be found on GovLoop, LinkedIn, Twitter. Luke recently asked several folks who track the Gov2.0 scene for thoughts on the recent Reactions to the White House Open Government Directive.  The directive itself is well worth a read: Open Government Directive View more documents from White House. (Another great perspective is on the site of the Red Hat Government senior architect/CTO, Gunnar Hellekson, at his blog). The comments on Luke’s site, including my comments, tend towards the very positive. This directive is a good thing and my gut tells me comments should be positive. But we the citizenry also have ple... (more)

Google vs. China, Our First Cyber War

Last week we witnessed the first Cyber War, but it didn’t go down quite as many of us expected. Instead of a group of anonymous hackers trying to take over thousands of infected PCs or trying to cut off access to critical infrastructure, we saw Google declare the first salvo in its war against Chinese censorship by moving its servers to Hong Kong. The more I thought about this, the more I realized that this was war, declared by a private company on a nation state. Just because Google doesn’t have its own army (yet), or that no actual physical weapons were fired doesn’t make it any less of a battle. And it is only going to get worse for all of us as other private firms realize that they need to take control over their servers and intellectual property. What is curious is how few companies signed up for the cyber equivalent of the coalition of the willing – GoDaddy w... (more)

Python Creator Guido van Rossum to Present the Next-Generation Python 3000

Python, the open source programming language that sees itself as an alternative to Java and brags about being used at Google, Industrial Light & Magic and NASA, will be having its PyCon user conference March 14-16 at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare Hotel. Python creator Guido van Rossum, now working for Google, is supposed to present the next-generation Python 3000 in the works for two years. See Red Hat Aims for More JBoss Channel Sales Red Hat wants to derive 60% of JBoss revenues from the channel and so has invented an Advanced Partner Program for North American VARs and SIs. Novell Seeks More Third-Party Sales Novell would love more partnerships like it's got with Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, SAP and Capgemini but for the moment says it's going to create a market development fund to entice specialist partners from among the solution provider and co... (more)

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson Announces Personal Endorsement of Governor Romney for President of the United States

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 02/04/08 -- Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, author, radio host and Founder and President of BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, announced this morning his personal endorsement of Governor Mitt Romney for President of the United States: "I have never before endorsed a candidate for President of the United States, but the circumstances that have been placed upon us and the gravity of this election have caused me to come forward at this time. "Love of God, family and country are the most important values in my life. All are under attack in America as never before. I believe that Governor Romney, though not without flaws in his record, is a decent, highly capable man who believes in these same values. "I also understand that America as we know it will cease to exist if we continue our course of leaving our borders largely unp... (more)