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In a recent study, published by MeriTalk, Red Hat and DLT Solutions, the Federal government could save $6.6 billion by using cloud computing or software-as-a-service. "Looking at 30 federal agencies, the study assumes every agency is starting from scratch with new technology. So instead of buying new software, agencies could save money using open-source instead of proprietary software, virtualization technologies instead of new servers, and cloud computing instead of buying software and hardware. The numbers are based on federal agency budgets, using assumptions from other studies about federal computing resources." Peter Tseronis, deputy associate chief information officer for the US Department of Energy commented on the study saying that even though critics may be able to quibble with the numbers, the big message is that federal agencies should be looking at new w... (more)

AJAX Development: Scary Tales from AJAXWorld

Jeff Haynie's blog Last week, we attended AJAXWorld in San Jose and chatted with developers about some amazing innovations happening within the AJAX community. Beyond their experiences with AJAX, we wanted to uncover developers' opinions about the hottest trends in web app development and also their worst coding nightmares. In the spirit of Halloween, we compiled our findings into some fun (and spooky) videos. In these videos, find out what developers really think about the wonders and downfalls of IE6, hear scary tales of back end integration gone bad, and get a glimpse of a terrifying world without client/server architecture. But don't be too frightened. Jeff and Nolan, our fearless leaders, also discuss how Appcelerator is solving some of the toughest problems of application development. And you'll just have to watch the videos to find out everything you ever w... (more)

Are the Good Times Back for Technology in 2009?

Trevor Doerksen's Blog What is going to happen to technology companies in 2009? If Democrats are good for technology what companies are Republicans good for - that is, what is going to happen to non-technology companies in 2009? Here's a look at some charts that correspond to leadership in the White House and performance of stocks. Have a look at some charts that correspond to leadership in the White House and performance of stocks. Starting with Bush Senior, a Republican, in 1988 you can see that the markets were pretty turbulent. One thing I notice over that 4-year terms is that the the most turbulent was the technology heavy Nasdaq stocks. Notice, that in late 1992, the same time the markets could see Bill Clinton would be the next US President the Dow dips and the Nasdaq takes off. OK, now have a look at the next chart. This one, is focused on the two terms in ... (more)

Green IT in 2009: Now's the Time for Desktop Virtualization

IT is the functional area where organizations can most effectively ­and immediately ­cut costs and positively impact environmental change. Desktop virtualization technologies leverage the unused computing power of a single computer, creating an efficient alternative to traditional desktop-per-user computing. "There is no obstacle that can stand in the way of millions of voices calling for change." In the week of President Obama's inauguration, his words are a noble call to us all to rise to meet the best in ourselves, many of us are wondering, 'But how do I tangibly effect change in my own life? Or in my own organization?' President Obama built his campaign on the promise of economic stimulus and aggressive support for green technologies. Recently, he selected alternative energy supporter and Nobel-prize winning physicist Steven Chu to head the Department of Energy... (more)

Politics 2.0 Meets Web 2.0

Paul Brennan, CEO of Zeus Technology, the company that powered Barack Obama's online fundraising efforts, reflects on the new President's online campaign and explains why the UK political scene has a lot to learn. Barack Obama's Presidential campaign has been widely praised for its use of social media and online tactics. Some have even gone as far to say that he would not have been as successful if it wasn't for the Internet. The results speak for themselves. In just a few months, President Obama raised over $200m in online donations, mobilized over 850,000 social networking participants, and promoted more than 50,000 events across the U.S. On some days, seven figure amounts were pledged in 24 hours and six figure amounts were donated per hour. The campaign's outcomes have been followed closely by UK politicians keen to build stronger relationships with citizens. Bu... (more)

FBI Raids the Old Offices of Obama’s CIO Appointee

A week after resigning as CTO of the District of Columbia to become the first chief information officer of the United States of America under the Obama administration, the FBI raided the old D.C. offices of Delhi-born Vivek Kundra and arrested a couple of the guys who used to work for him in a “federal bribery sting,” according to a story in the Washington Post. Kundra, at the time, was giving a speech at a FOSE summit about transparency in government. The guys arrested were Yusuf Acar who was information systems security officer responsible for government contracts under Kundra and Sushil Bansall, an erstwhile project manager for the D.C. government and founder of a consulting firm called Advanced Integrated Technologies Corporation with contracts with the city. The case against the pair is sealed, the paper said. Facts are thin on the ground. Reuters reports bein... (more)

iPad on Ulitzer - I’ll Buy iPad. But What For?

iPad on Ulitzer I’m proud to consider myself an upper middle class American . Why am I so proud about it? Because I haven’t been born in an upper middle class American family. I came to the USA 18 years ago with $200 in my pocket on a visitor’s visa. Don’t rush reporting on me to the Immigration authorities. I was legal in this country each and every day since. Then came the work visa (H1B), after that the green card, and back in 2001, I became an American citizen. Our family consists of me (silver 15” MacBook Pro), two sons (black 13” MacBook and a silver 13” MacBook) and my wife (post World War II Windows PC own by her employer, a filthy rich international bank). I also have an iPhone. To complete the picture, I need to mention, that occasionally I’m getting separated with my MacBook Pro. For example, last week I’ve been skiing in French Alps and didn’t get it wi... (more)

Microsoft GovCloud 2.0

We’ve just published our first main ‘Solution Guide’, a complete snapshot of how Cloud is applied in one specific area, in this case the Microsoft portfolio. is intended as a channel marketing tool to envelop all aspects of the Microsoft Cloud supply chain, ranging from in-house Private Cloud through Azure hosting and Office 365. As part of this we’ve started looking at specific client scenarios for the Microsoft set, like Salesforce 2.0 and also how the Globe and Mail might use an Azure/FAST combo like the Chicago Tribune group. EDaaS – GC Docs from the Cloud For ‘Microsoft GovCluod‘, i.e. how might it be applied to Government, we can look at a number of recent Government initiatives and best practices that provide the relevant use case contexts: Managing Government Records President Obama recently declared the ‘Managing Government Records‘ in... (more)

Reuben Armstrong Endorses Barack Obama for President

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 01/08/08 -- TV Talk Show Host and Essence Best Selling Author of "Snakes in the Pulpit," Reuben Armstrong has endorsed Illinois Senator Barack Obama for President. The move comes just several days after Obama won the Iowa caucus, the first state in the nomination process. Armstrong tells the Media that Obama has shown that he is a unique candidate and has every capability of uniting the country and that is what we need. Armstrong said he is very much aware that Obama hasn't been in Washington that long, but he's been there long enough to know that Washington needs to change. Everywhere he goes, from California to New Hampshire, from cities to the countryside, he brings together thousands of people with different backgrounds and diverse ideas. He's been able to focus on the common values that unite us instead of the politics that divi... (more)

RMD Entertainment to Air Exclusive Interview of Presidential Candidate Obama on: MOTV, Google and YouTube Next Week

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 03/29/07 -- RMD Entertainment Group (PINKSHEETS: RMDN) announced today that the Company has produced an exclusive 30-minute TV Special Event "Obama '08." RMD Entertainment Group in association with Mecanismo (USA) Corporation captured an exclusive one-on-one interview with Presidential candidate Barack Obama and also shot other exclusive content for broadcast next week on MOTV, YouTube and Google. There is additional footage of political mainstay Jesse Jackson commenting on the dynamic presidential candidate and how he can change the leadership landscape of the country when elected. Young people in the midst of making their decision on who gets their vote for president were also interviewed for their perspective. Giorgio Costonis, CEO of RMD Entertainment Group & Massive G Media (Nevada) (PINKSHEETS: MSGM), commented; "The addit... (more)

The Culture Root for Web 2.0 and Barrack Obama

Coach Wei's Blog What is the reason for this Obama phenomenon? Why is it happening right now, at this moment of history? Is it because of his eloquent speeches? Is it because people in this country are so tired of the current reality that they want to depart from it as far as possible? Is it because of some of the strategic mistakes that Hilary made? As a web 2.0 guy who blogs on “Direct from Web 2.0”, I did not see this coming. In fact, my preferences were Mitt Romney from the republican side (maybe McCain too) and Hilary Clinton from the democrat side. I think the three of them (Mitt Romney, John McCain and Hilary Clinton) will do better in the oval office than other candidates. Just like how venture capitalists pick CEOs for their portfolio companies, I put “experience” and “track record of execution” very high in my assessme... (more)