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A happy day! I voted for Obama! Right next to the slightly scary, life-size cardboard cut-out my daughter gave me! Happy, happy day!! PS: I tagged the photos “ivotedforobama” at flickr. [Tags: obama ivotedforobama ] ... (more)

The Shape of Cloud Computing To Come

As new offerings like Amazon's CloudFront, Microsoft's Azure,'s CloudNine and VMware's vCloud are rolled out week in, week out, the worldwide cloud computing momentum continues to grow. Amid all the change, I asked some leading infrastructure experts, IT industry executives and technology commentators for their views on The Shape of Cloud Computing To Come. Contributors include's Peter Coffee, Geve Perry of GigaSpaces, Ben Rushlo from Keynote Systems, Cloud Computing Journal editor-in-chief Alan Williamson, Enomaly founder Reuven Cohen, open source entrepreneur Krishnan Subramanian and Markus Klems of the FZI Research Center for Information Technology in Germany. PETER COFFEE Director, Platform Research - Peter Coffee was Technology Editor for industry journals PC Week and eWEEK from 1989 through 2007, after spending the prior... (more)

GovCloud 2.0 – Introducing “Big Data Search” for Government IM Best Practices

Our next upcoming webinar is entitled GovCloud 2.0, and a headline topic we will be introducing is called ‘Harnessing Enterprise Search for IM best practices‘. IM is of course Information Management and refers to all aspects of Governments needs to managed records. President Obama considers this a top priority area which means it will be a best practice area that will further accelerate Cloud adoption of related technologies. As per the title one example of a new technology that can be used is called ‘Enterprise Search’, referring to large organizations using Google-like technology to index and search their own corporate mines of information, and for the enterprise market this means the software is more tuned to needs like Records Management. In the case of one of our core partners ACIS, they specialize in the FAST Search engine that Microsoft acquired in 2008. On... (more)

The Sony Hack, It’s Still Not War Or Terrorism | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

The Sony Hack, It’s Still Not War Or Terrorism By SeanLawson For more than a decade we have heard constant warnings about the coming of “cyber war” and “cyber terrorism.” The prophets of cyber doom have promised that cyber attacks are just around the corner that will be on par with natural disasters or the use of weapons of mass destruction. With every new report of a cyber attack, the prophets exclaim that their visions have finally come to pass, and so it is with the most recent attack against Sony. But in most prior cases, after the dust has settled, the belated arrival of cyber war, terrorism, or doom has failed to live up to the initial hype. The same will be the case with the Sony hack. It is neither war nor terrorism as those terms are commonly defined. It certainly is not cyber doom. Are We There Yet? Not So Fast The term “act of war” has been used by some, m... (more)

National Poll Reveals Half of Small Businesses Won't Add Jobs for More than Six Months; Nearly One-quarter Unsure of Future Hiring Plans

RENO, Nev., Feb. 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- As small business decision-makers closed the books on 2009, nearly half (46 percent) said it would require more than 12 months for their businesses to return to pre-recession levels in terms of annual sales, according to the Small Business Opinion Poll commissioned by EMPLOYERS®, America's small business insurance specialist®. The national poll also reveals that 41 percent of small business decision-makers say it will be more than 10 months before they plan to begin hiring again. The Small Business Poll, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, surveyed 500 small business decision-makers across the country. Even as key economic indicators such as consumer spending and new home sales are beginning to show signs of recovery, EMPLOYERS' latest Small Business Opinion Poll reveals small business decision-makers are stil... (more)

Obama May Win by a Landslide: Thomas M. DeFrank SYS-CON Media headquarters is located at the two story marble building where President Richard Nixon maintained his offices between November 1988 and April 1994, at the time of his death. He spent a good portion of every day in this building, deep in his writings. He was visited here by a parade of national and international figures, including President Ronald Reagan. A plaque was erected in the lobby of the building by Mario Paul Perillo of Perillo Tours (you may remember the late Mr. Perillo's "Mr. Italy" TV commercials from the 1980s) in recognition of the important work the President did for peace and freedom throughout the world during those years. President Ronald Reagan visits President Richard Nixon on May 12, 1992 in his office, in this building This Independence Day week I was traveling through Europe, where I attended a sp... (more)

Yahoo’s Lifeblood Flowing Away

Citrix Ups Tags Citrix has quietly increased prices on its virtualization gear by 10% everywhere in the world but the US where the market is fragile Yahoo’s Lifeblood Flowing Away The beginning of the week Yahoo was trading around $18.75, below the $19.18 it was at on January 31 right before Microsoft entered the scene with its $31-a-share bid. The pundits said that was a five-year low. On Thursday, a really lousy day generally, it dipped to $17.80. Sony Recalls Laptops Sony is recalling 438,000 Vaio laptops for fear some errant wires will cause a short and set the things on fire. The problem affects the VGN-TZ100, 200, 300 and 2000, some 72,800 of which are in the US. It’s unclear what the promised repairs will cost. A couple of years ago Dell, Apple, Lenovo, Toshiba and other OEMs had to recall over eight million Sony laptop batteries. Egenera To ‘PAN’ VMware Egene... (more)

Rupert Murdoch Embarrassed by Fox News and Bill O'Reilly; Will Vote for Obama

Michael Wolff, Rupert Murdoch's authorized biographer said during a CNBC interview on September 3, 2008 that the conservative media baron is quite embarrassed by Bill O'Reilly and by his Fox Television network, and he will vote for Senator Obama in the upcoming elections. CNBC's "Power Lunch" team interviewed Murdoch biographer Michael Wolff about his Vanity Fair piece and his upcoming book. Wolff answered Michelle Caruso-Cabrera's sarcastic questions -she thinks she is the other CNBC dingbat anchor Maria Bartiromo- as the cluless kid anchor Rebecca Jarvis watched the entire segment without a single word to say, because the teleprompter had nothing for her to read. Click here to view Bill O'Reilly's Youtube Crackpot Video where he acts like a mental hospital escape crack head. Murdoch should fire O'Reilly together with the rest of the clowns over at Fox News, IMHO. ... (more)

Google Hopes to Persuade the DOJ to Lay Off

In an effort to avoid its Yahoo deal being scotched, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said Tuesday from the stump with Barack Obama - his candidate of choice - that Google would keep talking to the U.S. Justice Department. Since cutting the deal in June Google's position has moved from it doesn't require antitrust vetting, to submitting it for investigation, to "we're going ahead no matter what they say," to delaying implementation while the DOJ keeps on appraising it. The Justice Department is expected to decide any minute now whether it will challenge the deal in court. ... (more)

What Does Obama Revolution Mean to Cloud Computing?

The "CloudAve" Blog The technology blueprint of President Elect Barack Obama, if implemented as promised, bodes well for the future of Cloud Computing. Let me consider some of the Barack Obama's Technology proposals and explain how it is relevant to the success of Cloud Computing. His proposals include Protecting the openness of Internet: In other words, supporting net neutrality. This is crucial for innovation in the field of Cloud Computing and it is also very important for ensuring vendor diversity. In the absence of net neutrality, big vendors can easily crush smaller players and establish monopoly in the Cloud Computing marketplace including the SaaS marketplace. Safeguarding our right to Privacy: One of the biggest concerns for consumers and businesses when it comes to Cloud Computing is the issue of Privacy. They are worried that their data will not be safe in the... (more)

Sun & Microsoft Cut Web Search Distribution Deal

Who says the age of miracles is past? Sun, which loathes Microsoft, is going to distribute Microsoft’s search toolbar with its Java Runtime Environment. Nope, it’s not April fool’s. More like Sun and Microsoft slurping out of the Obama “change” cup. IE users who download the JRE will be able to download the MSN Toolbar along with it. Microsoft says the deal is part of its push to get its search widgetry into “broad-scale distribution” looking for volume for its advertisers. Good starting place. The Java Runtime Environment is supposed to be on 91% of all web-connected PC, something like 800 million PCs, and it’s said to be downloaded “tens of millions” of times a month.” A Live Search-enabled toolbar is also supposed to appear on HP PCs sold in the US and Canada starting in January. Microsoft, of course, is getting sloppy seconds. Google has piggybacked on JRE since 2005 ... (more)